Monday, June 8, 2009


We have added a new addition to the most coveted movie download website - Gingle. Check out the forum at or you can directly access it from the Gingle website by Gingle Forum button on the navigation panel!

Help us spruce up our Forums.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Request A Movie

Now you can request your movies directly from the Gingle website. Just click Request-A-Movie button from the left navigation panel and key in your email and movie name. We will notify you as soon as your movie is added - You will get the alert on your email and if you have downloaded our toolbar, you will get an instant alert!

New Features

We have added a new toolbar feature. Which gives you instant alerts as soon as new movies are added on Gingle. So Download This Toolbar Now!

Free Entertainment

Why internet was created? It was created so that people from any place can interact with anyone of their choice anywhere. Those days, there were no restrictions, one needn't shell out hundred's of dollars to any greedy website to take a message across the free internet. But that was then...

Now, everyone wants to become rich. People want to earn millions of $ in 24 hours. Just see any one. Thanks to blogger revolution, people not having the slightest knowledge of internet, it's rules, it's culture, etc, etc open a blog and then populate it with tonnes of spams, viruses, and many other unnamed things.

Let's see what comes up for FREE movie downloads:

Key in the keyword "Download free movies" in Google, then you will get billion websites and blogs which mention **Free Movie downloads**. Dig a little deeper and then you will understand that these websites will give you **free movies** only if you register with them, and for that you need to shell out your hard earned money.

Many argue that some blogs also give free movie download links....

That's a thing we appreciate, bloggers make a blog then they go out buy a movie DVD, then upload it to stinking uploading sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload, and then hope for someone to visit their blog and download movies from the rapidshare links.

Now comes the role of these fucking file hosting sites....

Websites such as rapidshare, know that bloggers and small website creators will not be able to shell out the kind of money which professional server space demands, so these websites force the kind blogger to upgrade to 'premium account' (what those file sharing sites don't know that because of these bloggers they are surviving). In a bid to force the blogger they give measly downloading speed, unresumeable downloads and often broken links.

So, people usually get fed up with blogs.

We have the totally opposite with Gingle

Gingle was created to actually provide "Free Movie Downloads". Without registration and Without fees. We believe in the concept that entertainment over the internet should be free. We never talk false or fake. If we mean no download fees, then there really are no loopholes. What you need to do is just Visit, Click, Download, and Enjoy! - That's our philosophy.

So, help make internet a free place, and download movies totally free from Gingle