Monday, February 11, 2013

Streaming Online Radio!

Behold gentlemen, Gingle now offers you to listen to latest online streaming radio stations for free. Just visit our Streaming Radio Stations page by clicking the Radio button on the top ribbon of Gingle. There are more than 13000 radio stations you can tune in to, and most of them are your local radio stations in the United States, Canada, India, Russia, Germany, France, and many more countries.

Our list of stations are updated regularly so there is a high probability that you will find the radio you want to listen to. You can add radio stations to your favorites. Favorites are added to the lower right side pane. Any radio station that you play gets added to the left pane in the recently played radios list. This makes navigating through our huge library of radio stations a lot easy. All the stations are categorized into their genres like Blues, Jazz, Rock, etc, and we believe that you will find the radio section simple enough to navigate for even a 4 year old or a 80 year old.

We will be soon putting our hands into TV shows, and hence become the top download portal of the century! So, listen to the online radio stations that will rock your day, and as always, Enjoy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where to download movies for FREE!

There are hundreds of free movie download websites all over the internet most of them offering the download of latest movies after you pay some them some cash. Of course they say they are a free download site but they become free only after you have paid them that $1.99 or that measly $0.99 for a single release. Today I wanna talk about the best free download website that actually offers free download of movies, and does not keep asking about money all the time. The followers of this blog know that the website is Gingle -

Gingle is the best because there are no ads and there is no need to create any account or fill any type of damn survey just to reach till the download page. Downloading from Gingle is extremely easy, even a four year old could do it easily. Most of the links are direct links free movies download!

We have kept Gingle free form ads and all that stuff that eats up your time and creates a lot of confusion as to where actually is the download button. The movies at Gingle are uploaded to multiple servers, around of 20 of them at a time, that combined with the latest movies being added even before their release date in most countries, we are pretty sure you would find the movie you want and be watching it on your home theater or laptop in no time. If you face any problems, there always are the comments where fellow Gingelians will help and sometimes Gingle himself will come to your rescue.

Hope you enjoy download movies for free from Gingle. We have a long reputation of actually providing free movie downloads to our little community of Gingelians and you are welcome to join it.

[IMPORTANT] Gingle got a new address!

Hi Guys, this post after a long time to inform everybody reading this (and this includes all extraterrestrials) that the address of Gingle has changed from to

Visit Gingle on the new address

We all know that has gone the way of the dodo, that is, all domains that were taken on the domain name have disappeared into thin air, just like ours. This was because did not provide any information of the crimes they were gonna commit.

So now visit your favorite free movie download website and do not stop download movies from the internet! Just!

Gingle -