Friday, November 29, 2013

Gingle: Really free movie downloads!

Gingle was a website opened in 2009 with the objective of providing really free movie downloads! Most of the website that offer free stuff in the world right now, do so for a charge. Just seems ridiculous, having to download a movie for 'free' after paying a charge of some dollars and those 99 cents. This was the very reason Gingle was launched. And this was why Gingle is still running hot!

If you want to visit Gingle, you just need to type into your web browsers address bar. The website is pretty simple to operate and you can download a movie for free in less than 3 clicks. Now that the best thing about Gingle - you will never be asked for any payment details, you can also download a movie without registration, download a movie without filling up some survey which asks you how much dogs you have!

Visit Gingle now and download movies for free!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gingle is working fine now!

Recently, a tragedy struck Gingle. While our team was enjoying our vacations, the whole setup came down like a pack of cards. The server we were hosting our website on fell sick. The tech guys worked and worked for 2 days straight and were not able to get the server running again. So we had to change it.

Now comes the part of the "Internet": due to a technology called DNS Propagation, it took upto 48 hours for the website to be spread all over the globe. So, in all, the Gingle website was down for a full of 48+48 hours for most people around the world.

Though we are getting reports from some of our users that the website is not accessible to them, the rest of the 99% world is working fine. Those who face problems, it is because the "DNS Propagation" might be taking a little more time in their geographical region or it is just that their ISP or mobile phone carrier still does not know that Gingle has changed its server.

A solution would be to refresh or flush your computer's DNS entries. A guide for this is here for windows and here for mac. As for mobiles: if restarting the device does not help, then there is not much you can do except wait for your carrier to update its DNS entries (don't bug your carrier about it, this is an automatic process, and there is not much they might be able to do)

Thanks for being with Gingle!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We have new movies!

Gingle has just been updated with new movies. We have added some really noticeable and important ones like Thor: The Dark World, Underdogs, Amnesiac, and many other notable ones for free download! A lot of you have requested Thor: The Dark World, but the print is a CAM version and we recommend you to wait for a better print to arrive online. We too hate CAM prints, but they are what is available for most of the really recent movies. They are meant to be watched only when you just cant wait anymore. Blu-ray rips are available within some weeks of a movie's release in theaters.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gingle - we have risen!

Gingle is now one of the top websites for free movie download in the world. We believe this is because movie downloading is a real easy thing on Gingle ( All you need to do is visit the movie page, and download both parts of the movie. The movies are highly compressed and hence you can download them on a slow internet connection. Also all the movie download links are direct download links and can be download using download managers like internet download manager or free download manager. So that makes downloading movie really easy.

While your movie is downloading, you can also browse our gallery of free wallpapers or download the latest free music. You can also listen to free online radio on Gingle. So, guys, if this is your first visit to Gingle, we recommend you try out the website. As for old Gingelians, we know the website is awesome!