Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gingle is online again!

Sorry friends, we had a little bit of a downtime( 10 hours to be exact :( ). But we are back on our feet again. We have a huge number of movies for free download, including all the latest ones, like Homefront free download, Sweetwater full movie free download and many many more movies. All download links are direct download links as always. Also we have Don Jon as was requested by many of our fans. Enjoy!

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to download movies for FREE?

Tutorial on how to download movies for free from the internet. This tutorial is so because our YouTube video stopped working yesterday. So till it is not working, please follow this tutorial. By the way, Gingle is so simple that there is no need to follow any tutorial, but then you know, anybody can be a first timer:
  1. Sail the ship towards "". This is the Gingle website, there are many more websites that pretend to be Gingle, but this is the true one.
  2. If your movie just got released, then you would find it on the homepage, but if its ancient, then you need to visit the "movies" link on the top of the page. Ancient = some days old :-)
  3. When you find your movie, just click its poster. If you cant find your movie, just search for it in the search box on the movies page.
  4. Press the download part 1 button. Save the file. This is CD1.
  5. Press the download part 2 button. Save the file. This is CD2.
  6. The movie is split into two parts, so it is easier to download, so you just play the first part, and when it is over, you switch over to the second part.
If you cannot download the movie, use Free Download Manager available for free at this link. And if you cannot play the movie, that is, you are only getting audio and no video, this means you need to use the VLC media player which you can download for free here.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Movie Update!

Movies have been updated! New movies like Parkland, Flu and Raptor Ranch have been added in the hollywood movies section. Also latest movies like Bullett Raja have been added to the bollywood section.

As for people looking for hindi dubbed movies, the section is not been updated since last 2 weeks as there are not that many hindi dubbed movies availiable in good prints. We will be posting here when we update movies, so keep checking here or the main Gingle website at Also, if you cant find the movie you want, then please request it on our facebook page or give us a mail at