Friday, February 28, 2014

Gingle is working good now!

Gingle was facing some problem since a day or two with some of the movies (maybe half of our database) showing that the movie does not exist. This was a problem with the coding of a page on the server, and that led to one of our programmers being demoted. Sorry monk, but we are hating you for that lost traffic :)

Any movie that contained a bracket or comma or a colon the in the name like Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug or that new Idiot movie, were unaccesible, so it created a lot of problem for our users, but now, you can download movies for free as before from Gingle. No need to register or create account as before. And if you don't find a movie you are searching for then just request it on our FB page or in the comments section below a movie. Enjoy!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Downloading movies without registering

As all our fellow Gingelians know, we have always been against registration on website to just be allowed to download free stuff. Registration should be optional and not mandatory, so that people that don't have the time or the required fields in the registration form can easily get the stuff for free. Also, some websites (read bad guys) ask your credit card details in the registration form, and you should not give out your credit card details over the internet, and hence you don't fill up the form and forget about the website.

This was one of the reasons, we had launched Gingle, so that people like you who hate registration and want to do download movies without registering can actually get the movies for free! Well, we have a new feature, you can watch the movies too now online, so we are getting better by the day. Also, we have a huge collection, and if you cant find a movie you like, do mail us at

If you are not able to play the movies that you download, that is because on Gingle, the movies are highly compressed so that file size is conserved and your internet bandwidth is conserved as most of our users are downloading directly from mobile devices. Hence, you need to have VLC Media Player to be able to play these movies. And if you face slow download speeds, which should not be the case, then please use Free Download Manager to download from Gingle. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Download Latest movies without credit card free!

Download latest hollywood and bollywood movies is always an amazing thing for those who have a high speed internet connection and a disposable credit card. But what about those of us who don't have a disposable credit card and dont want to risk putting our credit card information out there on the internet. For such guys we have launched Gingle.

No need to add a credit card to download movies for free. You just visit the website and choose the movie you want to download, click on the Download button and relax with the movie on you tv or laptop. It is just simply easy. You wont be worrying about your credit card details anymore. Moreover, we at Gingle, do not even collect any information about your computer. Download movies is totally safe at Gingle - Movies have direct download links and all links offer resume support, so you can also download them from your slow internet connections and pause and resume whenever you feel like you should continue the download.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gingle is back online after 3 hours!

Hi Gingelians, Gingle had a downtime of 3 hours today due to some server issues. We talked it over to the hosting company, and should now be seeing lesser of these (hopefully :-) ). So what are you waiting for? Make up for that lost time and download all the new latest movies like Blood Rush Free Download and the latest spoof for the Hunger Games called The Hungover Games.

Also go about downloading latest bollywood movies for free like Hearless Free Download and many more. And while you are downloading, do listen to our free radio and music service.

Gingle is offline right now :(

Gingle is currently down due to a network server/hosting issue. We are notified of this and are working to fix it. Website will be back online in a couple of hours. There will be a notification on this blog once the website is back up. Sorry for inconvenience Gingelians.