Saturday, November 28, 2015

Download movies for free in 3GP!

Are you download the movies on your old mobile handset, or do not want to waste your data plan in downloading a higher quality version of the movie? Then you are gonna be surprised at what we just unvieled at Gingle - an option to download your movies in 3GP quality!

Now most of the movies you find around Gingle have a high quality download option and a 3GP option. The 3GP version is divided into 4 parts. You can download and play each part individually.

Enjoy the free movies!

Monday, November 23, 2015

How to Download High Quality Movies for FREE!

You are a wanderer like me my friend, still searching the internet for that movie you long wanted to see in high quality. But search no more - for I have found it for you. The only website that you need to use to fulfill your movie hunger is Gingle -

You just need to open Gingle in order to download movies in high quality for free. The best part is that you will not need to create any account, and you can download without a credit card! The movies are categorized in high quality by their genre, like action movies, or comedy movies.

So, what are you waiting for, download all the movies you ever wanted for free in high quality from the biggest movie download portal of the world!

New feature on Gingle: Download Free Movies in High Quality!

Recently there has been a cosmological change in Gingle - now you can also download movies in High Quality. Most of the movies that were available in the Standard version are now also available in high quality. In some of the movies, there is no download link for the Standard version, as we could not find any working link that was in standard definition, we were only able to find High Quality links for that movie. Because of this, that movie can only be downloaded in high quality. This is because of how Gingle works - Gingle finds working download links from all over the internet according to your search, and displays only those that are working. Hence, sometimes you will only be seeing the High Quality version because there exists no standard version for the movie.

As we have a lot of movies that are in High Quality, so they are overshadowing the standard version movies. Hence, some of our users are feeling like, we have removed the standard version movies. But, such is not the case, every now and then, you might find a movie on Gingle, that is in the standard quality, but these links are no longer available with

The high quality version is some 1.5 times bigger than the standard version and offers far better video and audio quality. Quality is 3-4 times better. In this era of smartphones, tablets, and car PCs its the better thing.

So, please don't be disheartened on not finding those 'Part1' and 'Part2' buttons - we have improved the quality at a little increase in size, and also increase the downloadable collection by a huge amount - most of the movies that you only saw in the watch movies section, and wanted in the download movies section, can now be found!

Hope you guys understand!