Monday, March 28, 2016

Full Movies Free Direct Download Links

Gingle is brimming with full movies with direct download links, its like an all you can eat buffet - you will always be wanting more! For those of you who do not have the technical know how - direct download links are those types of links on which you can download with one click, these are unlike rapidshare or megaupload links, where you might have to go through a timer or daily download limits.

On Gingle, downloading movies is easy and fun. The best part - movies are available in various qualities, so you can download for either you phone or your laptop or TV. You can download movies without registration or you can download movies without credit card or registration.

Now if anyone ever asks you where you can download movies for free on the internet, I think you know the answer - Gingle -


  1. Good afternoon Vikas,
    I've always been able to download movies with my Blackberry. Now it gives me, and also my boyfriend, the same error. It says "Unable to connect using the current security settings. Please contact your service provider." We have not changed any security or internet settings, and all other browsing and internet sites work as normal. Its only when you click on download on gingle, that this message appears. Did anything change wrt downloading from your Blackberry BIS? Internet Certificate issues?
    Please advise...